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Are you looking for a good hairdresser in Amsterdam? At Bella Brasil you can have your hair washed, cut, dyed and blow-dried by professional hairdressers with a lot of experience.

We specialize in keratin treatment. This is a treatment where the hair is nourished and styled. Make an appointment right away or call us for more information on 020 737 1528.


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Keratin treatment Amsterdam: definitive style technique


The 'progressive brush' is a styling technique that ensures that the hair can be perfectly styled.

The technique ensures that the hair volume decreases, making it considerably more straight after each treatment.

Because keratin is added to the hair during styling, the hair is immediately healthier.

Because the amount of keratin in the hair is brought back to the correct level during the treatment, your hair looks more healthier and softer after the treatment.

The most important part of the progressive brush are the amino acids that ensure that the hair is beautifully styled. In addition to the amino acids, softening creams and keratin are used. To ensure that the hair remains in the desired condition, we recommend repeating the treatment every two months.

Make an appointment right away or call us for more information on 020 737 1528.



When we hear the word Botox, we tend to think of filling wrinkles. But did you know that there is also a Botox treatment for your hair? After a Botox treatment, your hair will look nourished and restored. So it is ideal for anyone with dry, damaged and lifeless hair. The anti-frizz effect ensures that your hair feels silky soft and is easy to treat. That way you don't have to spend much time in front of the mirror.

Note: the hair does not become permanently straight with a Botox treatment. So you keep your own hair structure!


Anyone who thinks that a Botox treatment involves injecting a needle into the scalp, is (luckily!) Wrong. The treatment is as follows:


  1. We wash the hair with a special shampoo, which opens the hair cuticles.

  2. We apply a cream emulsion (Also known as Botox) with a brush on the hair.

  3. We let the emulsion act under the heat hood for fifteen minutes.

  4. The hair is rinsed and modeled.

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Have your hair blow-dried in Amsterdam at Bella Brasil and you walk outside with a perfect haircut.


We know exactly how to give your hair a boost so that it becomes shiny and voluminous again.

For our blow dry treatment you can make an appointment separately or you can book it in combination with a haircut or coloring.


- Shiny and voluminous hair
- Treatment takes only 20 - 30 m
- Choice of different blow-out styles
- Easily make an appointment online

Do you have questions about the treatment? Or do you want to make an appointment for a blow-drying in Amsterdam?


Contact us by calling (020) 737 1528 or make an appointment using the button below.


This way you are one step closer to a perfect look!


Are you going for a completely blonde look or do you want your hair just a few shades lighter? Bella Brasil's color specialists have years of experience and light up your hair without damaging it.

Do you want to schedule an appointment? Contact our salon by phone or schedule an appointment directly via the online agenda.


Advantages of highlights


If you would like a little lighter hair, but don't want to bleach all your hair right away, highlights are an excellent option. Because you do not color all hair at once, the result is subtle and you stay close to your natural appearance. The so-called 'contouring' is even more subtle than highlights. By lightening only a small part of your hair around your face, most of your hair will remain dark, so the difference isn't too extreme.



Our hair has to endure a lot on a daily basis such as heat, moisture, chemicals and salt. Over time, these harmful effects become visible and the hair becomes frizzy and dry. A Brazilian keratin treatment is the solution to get strong, soft and shiny hair again. The treatment is suitable for all hair types and is not harmful to the hair. In fact, it only enhances a natural process. Keratin treatment has the following advantages:


  • Faster and easier styling

  • Less dry and frizzy hair

  • Strong, shiny and soft hair

  • Long-lasting results: keratin nourishes the hair


Have your curls started to frizz or are you ready for beautiful shiny, soft hair?

Then make an appointment right away or call our

hair salon in Amsterdam for more information on

(020) 737 1528.

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