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After a manicure, your hands and nails will look healthy and well-groomed again. With a layer of nail polish you give your nails that little bit extra for a cheerful, chic look. During your manicure in Amsterdam at Bella Brasil we not only file your nails, we also take care of the cuticles and when booking a 'spa manicure' we also give you a scrub treatment and a hand massage, for a super soft skin.

  • From € 12, -

  • Nail biting arrangement possible

  • Bridal arrangement possible

  • French lacquers, gel nail polish and acrylic nails

  • Choice of different colors

Would you like to make an appointment for a manicure in Amsterdam? Or would you like more information about our polishes or the different style and nail polish options? Book an appointment using the button below or call (020) 737 1528.

Pink Sugar


Get your hands and nails in top condition with a manicure in Amsterdam at Bella Brasil.

  • Manicure

  • Foot care

  • Gelcolor OPI

  • French manicure

  • French pedicure




What is a manicure?

A manicure is a hand care treatment, where the focus is mainly on the nails. During a manicure, the beautician tackles the nail, cuticles and (dry) hands to get them back in good condition. A manicure can always be expanded with extras, such as a hand massage.

What is our spa manicure?

Our Spa manicure is a treatment in which your hands and nails are extensively taken care of. First of all you get a 'nail bath' and we clean the nail. We then take care of the cuticles and file the nails into shape. Then you can enjoy a wonderful scrub and hand massage. As a finishing touch, we paint the nails in the desired color and rub your hands with a hand cream.

Gelcolor OPI

At Bella Brasil we use Gelcolors from the OPI brand. This gel polish stays on for about 2+ weeks. Gelcolor is also suitable for the toenails. The Gelcolors from OPI have an intense high gloss and give a well-groomed appearance. Our beautician cures the gel polish under a LED lamp, so your nail polish is immediately dry.

French nail polish

The French manicure is a classic and looks very natural and well-groomed. With a French manicure, the nail stylist provides the nail with a nude look with a beautiful white edge.

Bridal nails

On the most beautiful day of your life you naturally also want to have the most beautiful nails. Bella Brasil is happy to help you with that! Not sure yet what you want? Our nail technicians are happy to advise and help you.

Nail biting arrangement

Are you a nail biter and can your nails use a boost? Make an appointment for the nail bite arrangement and your nails will look well-groomed again.

Other treatments

In addition to a manicure or pedicure, Bella Brasil offers, among other things:

Brazilian wax
Laser hair removal
Keratin treatment
Guyzilian wax
Are your nails ready for a manicure? Make an appointment today.

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