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Plasma Jet is an aesthetic treatment that can be used to treat plasma jet is an aesthetic treatment that can be used to treat wrinkles, expression lines, dark spots on the skin, scars, and especially sagging eyelids. This treatment increases the production of collagen and elastic fibers, giving more firmness to the skin. The plasma is emitted by a pen in a precise manner, causing a kind of lesion in the skin, which results in accelerated cell rejuvenation and the stimulation of collagen formation, which contributes to the treatment of the skin. 

The great differential of the plasma jet is that it is extremely precise, whose objective is to cause small lesions on the skin, and thus accelerate cell rejuvenation and stimulate the formation of collagen in the treated region without leaving marks or scars.  

Is the procedure performed only on the eyelid?

No. The plasma jet is also performed in other locations such as:


  • Places with Wrinkles and expression lines; 

  • Areas with sun spots, dark circles under the eyes;

  • Small tattoos for whitening; 

  • On the face, with the lifting objective; 

  • On the neck and neck;


In places with acne scars, white or red stretch marks, or in atrophic and hypertrophic scars. What is the care with the procedure?
After the treatment, the daily use of sunscreen is indispensable, and avoid exposure to the sun. Always  moisturize the treated region as directed by the dermatologist responsible for your procedure.

Have fun and book your treatment! You deserve this care

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